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Saturday November 22, 2014
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Free Company Profile Template

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Writing a Company Profile for a Bid or Proposal

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Table of Content:
What Is A Company Profile?
The Company Profile: Part of the Bid Process
Why Write a Company Profile for a Bid?
How to Write a Company Profile in a Bid?

To write your company profile, use the templates and samples provided in your free Request for Proposal Letters Toolkit.

What is a Company Profile?
What is it used for?

A company profile, also called a business introduction, is a way to introduce your company. The company profile provides detailed and clear explanations about your activities, abilities, and assets.

The company profile can take different forms according to its intended goal. A company profile can be used for a bid, a professional Web site (the "About Us" section), a social network on the internet (see Creating a Company Profile on LinkedIn or Create a Facebook Page to Use as Your Company Profile), a business plan, an article, a press release, a sales brochure, a résumé (aka CV), an interview, be included in the Acquisition Background and Objectives part of an acquisition plan template, etc.

Before writing your company profile, you need to know who it is for. This determines your layout, your format, the elements of the company profile, and—above all—your pitch. If you write a corporate profile for your business plan, keep in mind that the readers are potential investors; you need to be persuasive in order to raise funds. If your company introduction is for a press release, you must use another pitch; you must be more unbiased, more neutral, and so on.

Writing a company profile for a bid is not an easy exercise. We'll give you some tips for writing an effective company profile.

The Company Profile: Part of the Bid Process

A business presentation is part of the bid process. It comes after you perform a bid/no-bid analysis, and after the decision to send a letter of intent (LOI). Writing the company profile is part of the offer you submit to respond to the call for tender. The content of the offer (and the content of the company profile) usually depend on the call for tender and on the buyer's needs/requirements.

The content of the offer is sometimes organized beforehand by the buyer. The buyer may give bidders an official document with all the required criteria and documents. Here are examples of possible criteria for the company profile:

Writing a bid and particularly a company profile requires preliminary work: Acquaint yourself with the documents. Try to analyze your business from a strategic point of view. Think about all the components and ask yourself if you're the right applicant. If the answer is "yes," you're ready!

Why Write a Company Profile for a Bid?

Writing a business profile for a bid is useful for introducing your company to the buyer and creating a positive impression. The buyer must know who you are, whether you're the company that best fits to its call for tenders, and if it can trust you. So you've got to be very persuasive and differentiate yourself from the others.
Responding to a request for proposal (RFP) is a competition.

It's usually the buyer that asks you for information about your business. Do not write too much: it's useless and it could penalize you. But don't forget to provide the company information that the buyer expects. For instance, the buyer may want to know if you've got a quality certification. If yes, say so and attach the relevant certificate. Even if it is not required, think about your specific assets with respect to the project. Do not hesitate to attach official documents to prove something: it's one way to make a difference!

How to Write a Company Profile in a Bid?

Don't beat about the bush! Use short sentences, action verbs, work words, and the active voice to write a punchy company profile.

Before using the company profile template, it's highly recommended that you read the recommendations below.

To write a good company profile, keep in mind that it's important to be concise, and to use short sentences and the active voice. This will have more impact on the buyer decision. Here are 7 steps to create a well-written company profile:

  1. Carefully read all the documents of the bid.
  2. Make sure you've understood all the buyer's requirements.
  3. List all criteria you must highlight (in terms of timing, budget, qualification, abilities, certifications, etc.) and the items that you've got to specifically develop in your offer.
  4. List all the assets (available resources and skills, for instance) that make the difference between you and the other bidders. Do not hesitate to use the resource-based view (RBV) to determine them.
  5. Organize your company profile. Start with general items and end with specific ones, as the company profile template does. Don't forget to create subsections (ex: administrative part, financial part, technical part, etc).
  6. Prove everything with concrete examples, success stories, references, certifications, etc.
  7. Make sure that your company profile is clear, professional, honest, and persuasive.
  8. Re-read your company profile and check to make sure you haven't forgotten required elements and that you haven't needlessly repeated elements.

Company Profile Templates, Samples, Tips and Advice

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